We believe that our activities should cover several sectors of shipping industry in order to maintain continuous contact, obtain reliable information, and to be present in all aspects of this industry.

The divaricating, means an essential asset to carry on our activities, matching at all times the various trade fluctuations occurring normally in the course of the year, providing our principals with wide range of services.


Liner operators highly qualified with well trained staff to provide efficient port operations and target-conscious marketing activity, submitting accounts documentation .reliable accounting system.
All procedures are supported by fully integrated computer networks to grant EDI exchangeable to any external party.


Offering ship-owners full coverage through computer system network for all Libyan ports, 24 hrs service and competent personnel, reachable through a net of mobile phones.

CHARTERS: (Time or voyage Charters)

Since the foundation of our company in April 1999, we have chartered many vessels called Libyan ports, for the purpose of load or discharge or for bunker supply.


Acting as protecting agents for a long time for several ship-owners, following up vessel nominated agents, controlling vessels operations, reporting the accurate data, assisting & coordinating with other parties engaged with ship operations.


Booking cargo to/from Libyan ports, GC, Container shipments.


  • We allocate dedicated amount for advertisement for shipping companies.
  • Transaction of payment can be executed at the proper time with no delays, our accountants are able to deal with several banking channels and bank reconciliation.
  • Submitting periodical statement of accounts
  • Reasonable proforma D/A
  • Settlement of claims.