It gives us a great pleasure to introduce our selves, as one of the prominent companies which play an important role in the marine industry in Libya.

We are under the Name of ” AL BAHAR ALMUTAWASET (Mediterranean) Shipping Agency “, established in April 1999 with a team of highly motivated and skilled personal ,on call 24H,7 days a week, with a highly sophisticated communication network.

Our company site is located in the most famous building in the main center of Benghazi city.

This site gives the advantage in providing more facilities and all necessary services that any vessel may need when calling Libyan ports or oil terminals.

So long our company has maintained her good reputation from the improvement in performing services rendered daily to our clients, reliability, punctuality, and our strong relationship with many import & export companies worldwide.

Besides our company is designed to be a well established, well organized ,better trained staff, best coordinated advisers in law, financial, administrative, commercial, and marine legislations.

Our present staff consists of 27 persons can be extended any time ,all are highly skilled with excellent level of experience in marine industry.